Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Says the United States Sponsors Global Terrorism 

In a statement he made on July 19, 2022, Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council Dmitry Medvedev claimed that the weapons the United States government is supplying Ukraine are now being seized by criminals across the globe.

“The US weapons that are being delivered to Malorossiya will keep falling into the hands of various criminals all around the world. In fact, they are already falling into their hands, covered up by the US administration and intelligence agencies,” Medvedev said in a post on Telegram. He argues that “America has in fact once again become a sponsor of international terrorism.”

“I don’t rule out that together with responsible countries, we will need to consider the possibility of creating a special mechanism to investigate this rotten-to-the-core weapons scheme,” Medvedev continued. Though the former Russian president insisted that “it will in no way affect the final balance of power.” 

“Professional gun thieves in the US and Ukraine will line their pockets well,” the deputy head of the Russian Security Council observed. He noted that “terrorists and radicals will have more deadly military equipment.” 

“As for Russia, it will achieve its stated goals. And peace will come. On our terms. Not on the terms that befuddled political impotents in Europe and overseas are squealing about,” Medvedev declared.

“Despite last year’s fiasco with $85 billion worth of military equipment left in Afghanistan, the White House continues to flood the agonizing Kiev regime with weapons without control,” Medvedev highlighted. In the former prime minister’s view, “the Pentagon is predictably denying everything, lying apprehensively and tying itself up into knots in an incompetent manner.”

The former Russian president also proclaimed that “in this situation, historical examples are far from being in the US’s favor.”

Medvedev called attention to how US President Joe Biden “was a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the 1980s.” “That said, there is significant experience of making secret deals signed in blood,” he said in a concluding remark.

Medvedev served as Russia’s president from 2008 to 2012 and Prime Minister from 2012 to 2020. He was generally perceived as a pro-Western reform figure that would help “reset” relations between Russia and the West. Though he presided over the Russo-Georgia War, a Russian military intervention that was widely condemned by the West. 

With relations between Russia and the West at a nadir, Medvedev is firmly in the hardline camp. Unless there’s a decisive move towards realism and restraint in American foreign affairs, Russo-American relations will be irreversibly damaged for a generation or two. 

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