Former ThinkProgress Employee ‘Protested’ At Tucker Carlson’s Home

A former employee of the uber left organization ThinkProgress, from which the leftist mainstream press takes its cues, is confirmed to have been involved in the harassment and threatening of Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson last week.

“Officers went to the home of Dylan Petrohilos, who was part of the protest and a former #J20 defendant (one of several people who faced charges after protesting on President Donald Trump’s inauguration day),” said Shadowproof.

Petrohilos is a former employee of ThinkProgress, per his verified Facebook page.

A post on his page said that he left the organization to venture out on his own.

If this is “progress,” perhaps America should re-think it.

The political left has confused legitimate protest with rioting. Petrohilos’ involvement in causing millions of dollars of property damage on inauguration was not “protest.” Nor was his involvement in trampling on Carlson’s lawn, nearly banging down his door, and threatening his life – all while Carlson’s wife hid in the pantry and called 911.

ThinkProgress is part of the Center For American Progress Action Fund (CAP), an organization deeply embedded within the Democratic Party. Hillary R. Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, who also oversaw President Barack H. Obama’s transition to the presidency, is the former president of CAP. He stacked the Obama administration with CAP employees, and CAP even acted as spokespeople for Obama

Matt Yglesias, cofounder of Vox, formerly worked for CAP. He defended the rioters that turned up at Carlson’s house, saying that he “honestly cannot empathize with Tucker Carlson’s wife at all — I agree that protesting at her house was tactically unwise and shouldn’t be done — but I am utterly unable to identify with her plight on any level.”

He also laid the blame for the incident squarely at the feet of President Donald J. Trump and Carlson himself.

“[T]he idea behind terrorizing [Carlson’s] family … is to make them feel some of the fear that the victims of MAGA-inspired violence feel thanks to the non-stop racial incitement coming from Tucker, Trump, etc.,” he said on Twitter. 

Yglesias later deleted his entire Twitter feed.

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