Former Trump RNC Finance Chair Joins Megyn Kelly To Discuss His New Google Competitor, ‘FreeSpoke’

Sounds like Google may have a new competitor! Longtime news host Megyn Kelly took time on her show last Thursday to introduce Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts, who discussed his newly founded Google competitor, ‘FreeSpoke.’ Ricketts has a history in conservative politics, previously serving as the Republican National Committee finance chair during the administration of former President Trump.

“Todd, thank god somebody did this, how did you get the idea?” Kelly asked Ricketts after introducing her segment.

“I’ve always been a little skeptical of… large companies that have a lot of control,” Ricketts explained.

“…when you get into the technology world, these companies that have these platforms have such control over the news we see and oftentimes I would find like when I was searching on Google that I would get results that I didn’t expect or that I felt like were manipulated or put out in a way to kind of lead me into a way of thinking and really as the time went on I thought I was alone at first and as I talked to more people and… I started to realize I was not alone and that other people felt that same way… you’ve seen that explode in the last few years where we have this idea of like free speech is really under attack in our country… we need outlets that are willing to put up all sides and… have that debate of ideas and have these intellectual discussions instead of you know a more you know Russian style… thought police that… tells you what to think and tells you what to say and so on and so forth.”

Kelly asked Ricketts to clarify whether his search engine was meant to be “conservative” or simply a ‘fair’ tool of technology that does not censor certain political views.

“It’s really for everybody,” Ricketts explained.

“What we’re really trying to do is put everything in front of people so they can make their own decisions about the issues of the day.”

Kelly then made a point that manipulation of information by search engines such as Google make it difficult for those who identify with the political center to ‘stay centrist’, claiming that such control can cause consumers to be swayed based on what sides of an issue are presented or censored.

The interview continued to other topics such as the midterms and the inevitable 2024 presidential election.

Kelly concluded the show urging her viewers to check Ricketts’ search engine, saying, “…in advance of the presidential election, you want to make sure you’re getting fair news, you want to make sure anybody’s bias is flagged for you right just in case you don’t know some of the sites you don’t know and that’s why you need Todd’s new site

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