Former University of Texas Football Player is Accused of Human Smuggling

Ronnie Dinell Major Jr., a former offensive lineman for the University of Texas, was recently apprehended for allegedly being involved in a human smuggling incident. 

Major allegedly told Kinney County deputies that he was a former UT player during interviews.

According to Randy Clark of Breitbart News, Major was arrested following deputies’ discovery of seven passengers in his vehicle who entered the Rio Grande illegally. Now, Major is facing seven counts of smuggling of persons. 

In Texas, this charge is a third-degree felony where a person could face a punishment of imprisonment of up to 10 years and fine that doesn’t exceed $10,000.

In 2015, Major received a full-ride scholarship after he graduated from Huntsville, Texas high school. As a prospect, he was a highly ranked offensive tackle. In 2017, Major retired from collegiate football after suffering an injury. From there, Major attempted to launch a career in professional wrestling. 

Per arrest reports, Major is now working as an intern at a hospital in the Austin area. 

Clark noted that the surge in migrant crossings has forced law enforcement to dedicate a majority of their resources towards tackling human smuggling.  Currently, smuggling organizations are making attempts to move migrants from the border into the Texas interior and other inland states. 

The Breitbart writer also added that cartels are also relying on drivers with no real ties to their organizations.  These drivers are recruited through word of mouth outreach and social media platforms. 

The charges against Major represent a surge in the number of human smuggling incidents the Texas court system is processing.

Per reports from Sheriff Brad Coe, Kinney County is prosecuting 56 felony smuggling cases as of January 31. Kinney County is a sparsely populated area with almost 3,600 people living there.

Human smuggling will continue apace as the US’s southern border remains porous. To stop these incidents from increasing to alarming levels, the US needs a serious border security policy.

Only the national populists have the solution to America’s growing border crisis — immigration restriction. 

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