Founder of ‘Conservative’ Climate Change Reform Group Posts Pro-Kaepernick, Social Justice Diatribe

Student leader Benji Backer, who has gained GOP establishment support for peddling the climate change myth to young conservatives, came out with a social justice diatribe on his Twitter account Wednesday.

In Backer’s screed, he apologized for ever doubting the anti-American protests of former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick cashed out after turning against police and his country during a time in which the Black Lives Matter movement was regularly burning cities to the ground.

Backer posted a nauseatingly long Twitter thread in which he embraced social justice dogma following the death of a black man in Minnesota at the hands of law enforcement that has sparked widespread rioting and property destruction.

Backer finished his rant by telling social justice leftists that he will be a reliable “ally” to their cause of America’s destruction moving forward.

When Backer is not being a useful idiot for social justice warriors, he is busy indoctrinating conservative students about the supposed dangers of climate change. The organization he founded, the American Conservation Coalition, calls for government policy to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

He was profiled by CNN earlier this year as a young conservative who is in line with communist agitator Greta Thunberg.

“I don’t believe that we need to end fossil fuels overnight,” Backer said to the fake news outlet. “I think that there are ways to transition over multiple, multiple decades to cleaner technologies.”

“Every one of my generation wants to buy a Tesla. Everyone in my generation wants to have solar panels on their roofs. That demand is there. That’s a culture change that no government policy could ever enact, that is shifting the way that we look at climate change and our economy,” Backer added. “But it’s not going to take just one policy.”

Backer spent time at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February deriding President Trump’s environmental agenda, which has brought back the coal industry and destroyed his predecessor’s job-killing regulations.

“He started to say that climate change is real, which is a huge difference from where he’s been before,” Backer said, claiming that Trump’s environmental policies are unpopular and should be more leftist.

“People on both sides say I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But if he changed his tune and said tomorrow, ‘I want a big climate change policy,’ I will work with anybody, whether that’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or President Trump,” he added.

If Backer’s views are the future of Republican politics, the Left will have won the war, and America will be fundamentally transformed into a socialist despotism forever.

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