Fox News Removes President Trump From Airwaves in Attempt to Limit His Influence in Republican Politics

President Trump has not been on Fox News in over 100 days as a deliberate measure to try and phase him out of the GOP and the conservative movement.

Trump has not been on Fox News since making an appearance on Hannity on April 13. Hannity, who acts like he is an arch-conservative in front of the cameras while raking in tens of millions per year in globalist cash, is giving Trump the cold shoulder as well. Trump is reportedly complaining to friends that Hannity “doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention anymore.”

Trump’s removal from Fox News is part of an elite campaign to remove him as figurehead of the Republican Party, “effectively displacing him” from the news cycle. This decision has been made with the consent of Fox News billionaire chairman Rupert Murdoch and his son, Fox News CEO Lachlan Murdoch. The Murdochs are incensed that Trump has fomented an America First movement within the Republican Party. 

Additionally, the New York Post and Wall Street Journal are trashing Trump, spreading lies about Jan. 6 to help the federal commission meant to demonize patriots, and demanding Trump not run for president for a third time in 2024. The Murdochs are especially peeved that Trump refused to go along with the election steal in 2020 and continues to speak verboten truths about voter fraud.

Newsmax is coming out and taking pot shots at Fox News while the network is being exposed for their anti-Trump agenda.

“I spent 11 years at Fox, and I know nothing pretaped hits a Fox screen that hasn’t been signed off on and sanctioned at the very top levels of management — especially when it has to do with a presidential election,” Newsmax host Eric Bolling said earlier this week.

“Lachlan Murdoch and the network’s leadership wants Fox to be more like CNN,” said Newsmax analyst and author Dick Morris. 

“The Fox ban of Trump is a politically motivated decision, not based on news value, because Trump completely dominates the Republican Party and is still the biggest newsmaker in politics,” Morris added.

However, Newsmax is just as compromised as Fox News. Big League Politics noted that Newsmax joined Fox News in prohibiting any mention of the “2000 Mules” documentary on their airwaves:

The controlled opposition networks, Newsmax and Fox News, are banning any talk of the explosive documentary, 2000 Mules, which has been a sensation among conservatives.

Documentary producer Dinesh D’Souza explained how Fox News and Newsmax have created a firewall in order to keep this information proving that systemic and coordinated voter fraud occurred in the 2020 presidential election off their networks.

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