FOX News Viewers REVOLT After Seeing Sean Hannity Grovel to Donna Brazile

It is difficult to ignore the left-ward drift that FOX News has taken during recent months. Judge Jeanine Pirro received a suspension for telling the plain truth about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Islamic extremism, and it was announced that they hired disgraced former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile, who was caught colluding to forward Hillary Clinton presidential debate questions in advance while working as a CNN contributor in 2016.

Brazile appeared on an episode of Hannity on FOX News last night. While conservatives expected ardent Republican cheerleader Sean Hannity to blast Brazile for her history of graft and deceit, the host instead groveled to the reviled Clintonista much to the dismay of his viewing public.

The revolting, obsequious display from Hannity can be seen here in its entirety:

The enraged audience took to Twitter after the display to express their frustration with the farce they had just witnessed.

Virtually every thread on Sean Hannity’s Twitter page following the Brazile interview is getting deluged with comments from angry patriots who are beginning to understand that Hannity lacks the necessary courage to challenge FOX News brass as they capitulate to the radical left.

Mainstream media hacks are laughing at conservatives as they get betrayed by the one cable news network they felt was actually on their side.

The squawking hens at ABC’s “The View” are very pleased with Brazile’s hire as well:

President Donald Trump has even urged FOX News to stand strong as it becomes more apparent that they are slipping from the standard that made them the go-to station for millions of conservatives for so many years.

It does not appear that FOX News is taking Trump’s warning into consideration. With stronger conservative advocacy needed to ensure Trump’s re-election in 2020, it is clear that FOX News cannot be trusted to back the President’s ‘America First’ agenda when it matters.

With primetime ratings beast Tucker Carlson under fire by the leftist mob for making jokes on a radio show over a decade ago, he may be the next casualty as FOX News goes globalist. Roger Ailes very well may be spinning in his grave right now!

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