FOX News: ‘We Must Increase Immigration’ to ‘Sustain’ Socialist Spending Programs

For nearly two decades, FOX News has gained the reputation of being a conservative-leaning outlet, but that is rapidly changing in the age of Trump. They are going increasingly globalist, leaning in a more leftist, pro-Islam direction, and pushing for Trump to admit more immigrants to the US.

FOX News published an op/ed written by Liberty Vittert, the Visiting Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, arguing in favor of more immigration. This academic, who also serves on the board of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, claimed that socialist programs pushed by FDR like Social Security and Medicare need to be propped up by admitting foreigners in the US due to lagging birthrates.

“If the birthrate continues to decline and we don’t see an increase in immigration, we have a real problem. America won’t be able to sustain basic government programs like Medicare and Social Security,” Vallert argued.

Because “we simply won’t have enough people to pay taxes” in the years to come due to government overspending, this means it’s time to open up the flood gates so immigrants can keep the federal ponzi scheme going a little while longer.

“Right now, legal immigration stands at 800,000 people per year. If it stays at that level, we’ll add eight million foreign-born workers over the next ten years. Couple that number with the 35 million new American-born workers, and we won’t even come close to paying our bills or filling our jobs,” Vallert wrote.

“We must increase immigration or risk an economic disaster,” Vallert concluded.

Vallert claims that we “have unprecedented levels of low unemployment in America” but that is not necessarily the case as manufacturing and construction jobs are already beginning to stagnate.

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that Trump’s latest jobs report shows the slowest growth in 18 months. The job increases plummeted from 197,000 in Feburary to 129,000 in March. The gains came primarily from the education and health care fields, which added 56,000 jobs in the month.

“It’s fair to say that the job market is throttling back meaningfully from where it was months ago,” said Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, to the AP.

Small businesses added a mere 6,000 jobs in March. Manufacturing and construction companies actually cut jobs during the month. The Trump economy is faltering for the blue collar workers most responsible for putting him in the White House in 2016.

The job market has certainly improved since Trump came into office, but pro-immigration activists may be exaggerating the progress to push for more cheap foreign labor.

Trump seems to be buying into it, as he has softened his immigration stance considerably in recent months:

University academics like Vallert want to bring in scores of new immigrants to further squeeze American workers out of the contracting job market. It may prop up socialist federal policies for a little while longer, but saving big government will ultimately come at the expense of blue collar workers in the US.

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