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Free Speech Activists Plan Protest To Disrupt Facebook Shareholder Meeting

Conservatives are planning a protest against Facebook’s censorship of prominent conservatives.



Facebook Protest Shareholder Meeting

A California activist organization is planning a mass protest during Facebook’s annual shareholder meeting, citing the rampant censorship of conservative voices on its platforms.

Take California Back and California Rising appear to be behind the protest, scheduled for May 30, that will coincide with Facebook’s annual shareholder meeting. The protest has been plugged by Michelle Malkin, who was recently censored by Twitter for speaking out against censorship.

The activists invite Californians to “Come support the #1A and stand united in support of our fellow Patriots that have been Censored and Banned,” and to “Join the protest against the blatant Social Media Censorship,” on May 30 in Menlo Park, California.

Facebook has grown increasingly hostile to conservative voices over the last several months, making the landmark decision at the beginning of May to ban Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos from both Facebook and Instagram in one mass censorship campaign.

Big League Politics later revealed that the big tech platform may also ban users for simply sharing videos or links featuring Jones. In the case of Jones, they named him both “dangerous” and a “hate figure” and used his association with Gavin McInnes, who was banned last year, as proof of their claim.

Facebook also refused to explicitly disavow the legally embattled Southern Poverty Law Center even after the organization took credit for the bans, and hired a former Hillary Clinton campaign employee and White House staffer to disseminate the information about Jones’ ban to social media, further illustrating its apparent political bias.

Even worse for the company’s optics, Facebook gave left wing media advanced notice of the early May bans, creating an awkward situation in which the media published articles about the bans hours before the named individuals were purged from Facebook and Instagram.

Recently CrossFit, one of the country’s largest exercise and nutrition programs, made the decision to boycott Facebook after one of its affiliate Facebook groups was banned without explanation.


YouTube Places Phony Snopes “Fact Check” On Joe Biden Search Results Claiming He Opposes Banning Fracking

Simply a political ad for the Democrat.



YouTube has implemented a “fact check” box on search results regarding Joe Biden’s policy positions towards fracking.

The “independent fact check” can be seen when anyone searches for “Joe Biden Fracking Ban” on YouTube.

The USA bogus “fact check” is in itself “misinformation.” Joe Biden does support banning fracking. He wants to outlaw any new fracking natural gas extraction projects. This would ensure the fracking industry itself would eventually die, as petroleum can only be extracted from existing fracking sites for so long.

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Biden has increasingly claimed that he’s not for banning fracking, a petroleum extraction technique that is practiced in pivotal swing states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden has spoken about “transitioning away” from fossil fuels, and responded in the affirmative to a question about banning fracking. His Vice President, Kamala Harris, has spoken openly and more enthusiastically about banning fracking.

This is little more than a political ad- a false one- for the Democrat. YouTube is now in the business of providing in-kind editorial contributions to Joe Biden

Big Tech totalitarian oligarchs need to be stripped of every ounce of power they possess immediately after the election.

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