Free Speech Platform Parler Adds 4.5 MILLION New Users as Conservatives Flee Big Tech Authoritarianism and Censorship

The CEO of free speech social media platform Parler announced that almost five million people have signed up for his service in the aftermath of the disputed US presidential election, representing a tidal wave of conservatives, right-wingers, and nationalists sick and tired of Twitter’s overbearing and constant left-wing censorship tactics.

People from all walks of life, fed up with opaque, biased content curation, inconsistent agenda-driven fact checking, and manipulative algorithms built on data mining, are joining Parler to speak free. Since Friday, over 4.5 million new people have created accounts, and engagement has surged. Over 5 million individuals were active on Parler yesterday, an 8-fold increase from daily activity just a week ago. Our session activity has increased by well over 20 times during the same period,” Parler CEO John Matze said in a statement.

Parler took the #1 spot on Apple’s app store, an encouraging development for First Amendment principles. However, the platform’s rising popularity may be met with the usual tactics of cowardly censorship from Apple, a company that has shown itself to be more than willing to block software that allows for free expression on the internet.

Matze cited Twitter’s and Facebook dishonest and deceptive marketing tactics and censorship as the driving factor in growing the popularity of Parler.

Facebook and Twitter’s suppression of election information was a catalyst, causing many people to lose their trust. But the movement away from these platforms was already well underway. Many of you have been activists alongside us, calling out the lack of transparency and unjust, biased policies of our competitors, as part of the Twexit and Erasebook campaigns we launched earlier this year.

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