FREE VISAS: Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Flood U.S. with ‘Legal’ Foreign Labor

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced legislation on Wednesday that will nearly double the annual employment-based immigration visas that are permissible under the law, bringing in even more foreign labor to squeeze U.S. workers out of jobs.

The Backlog Elimination, Legal Immigration, and Employment Visa Enhancement (BELIEVE) Act, proposed by Paul at the behest of the Koch-funded CATO Institute, would attempt to solve the problem of illegal immigration by legalizing corporate hiring practices of foreigners to devastate U.S. workers.

“A fourfold increase in employment-based permanent immigration would bring the United States more in line with the Canadian system,” said CATO Institute immigration policy analyst David Bier about Paul’s legislation.

Paul’s proposed legislation would increase the annual number of employment-based immigration visas from 140,000 to 270,000, ban all per-nation caps on employment-based immigration green cards, allow spouses and teenaged kids of immigrants with work visas to be exempt from the employment-based visa numbers, give employers the ability to more easily hire immigrants for jobs on the “Shortage Occupation” list of the U.S. Department of Labor, and allow the children of foreigners with temporary worker permits to stay in the U.S. after turning 21.

Paul’s legislation is an even more ambitiously globalist proposal than H.R. 1044, another Koch-backed bill that sailed through the House by an overwhelming 365-65 margin on Wednesday. That legislation will afford citizens of India a whopping 90 percent of the professional employment green cards granted by the U.S. moving forward.

The Kentucky Republican had previously blocked the Senate’s version of H.R. 1044, proposed by Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Kamala Harris (R-CA). Paul was seen as a hero for standing in the way of a bill that is reviled by pro-Trump conservatives and nationalists, but he apparently opposed it because he wanted the terms to be even more hospitable toward foreign labor.

Lee is another libertarian-leaning Republican who, like Paul, believes that protecting the opportunity for U.S.-born workers is “unfair” and “un-American.”

“In some cases, they can be stuck in a backlog of green card petitions for decades,” Lee said of foreign laborers.

“This is one of the many features of Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley-era immigration code that is outdated and needs to be cast into the dustbin of history,” Lee added.

“This undermines our ability to bring the best and brightest individuals to our country,” he said. “It’s to our harm and it’s to our own shame.”

With so many Republican lawmakers – even the individuals with the most conservative voting records – in the back pocket of the Chamber of Koch, it is likely a foregone conclusion that H.R. 1044, or Paul’s even more lax immigration bill, will be approved by the Senate.

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