Freedom Caucus To Rod Rosenstein: Testify Under Oath Or ‘Resign Immediately’

Mark Meadows, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein should testify before the House Judiciary Committee about his claim that he wanted to wear a wire to spy on President Donald Trump. People close to Rosenstein have tried to play the treasonous comment off as a joke.

Rosenstein is set to have a conversation with Trump Thursday, amid mainstream reports that Rosenstein “verbally resigned” and that his resignation was accepted by White House chief of staff General John Kelly. The verbal resignation piece is key to removing Rosenstein seamlessly, and it is clearly documented by such sources as CNN, Axios, and Sara Carter.

“Tonight, the Freedom Caucus took an official position,” Meadows said, according to official reports. “Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein should come before the House Judiciary Committee within the week and testify under oath about his alleged comments, or he should resign immediately.”

Meadows and his fellow House Freedom Caucus members have floated the idea of impeaching Rosenstein, which, similar to a presidential impeachment, would require votes in the Senate that Republicans likely do not have.

President Trump can fire Rod Rosenstein, but some media commentators are parroting Democrat Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu’s talking point that such a move could trigger obstruction of justice charges against Trump.

Rosenstein has been consistently identified as a ringleader of the anti-Trump plot, which began in the federal government during the 2016 election, courtesy of John Brennan and his hatchet man Peter Strzok, and still continues within the Trump administration.

Rosenstein signed off on clearly fraudulent FISA warrants, which is grounds for firing right there. He is seen as the de facto head of the Department of Justice, overseeing prosecutions of American citizens even after he has been exposed as a corrupt actor.

President Trump pulled back the release of documents pertaining to Operation Crossfire Hurricane — the Deep State plot against him — amid the turmoil of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Trump already de-classified the documents and they can and should be released at any time to show the world once and for all the corrupt racket that Rod Rosenstein has been running at the United States Department of Justice.

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