Freedom Protesters Outside Brooklyn Nets Arena Demand ‘Let Kyrie Play’

Freedom protesters and supporters of NBA star Kyrie Irving made their voices heard Sunday outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the Brooklyn Nets play home games. Point guard Kyrie Irving refuses to take the Coronavirus injection, which has led to Irving’s effective suspension from the team. Irving is disallowed from playing in home games in New York City due to a government mandate and the Brooklyn Nets are not letting him play road games either. Like Nicki Minaj, who expressed skepticism of the Coronavirus vaccine and refused to back down, Irving is leading by example and galvanizing people to resist Coronavirus tyranny. The arena was temporarily locked down.

Kyrie Irving is steadfast in his determination to keep his body natural and pure, rather than getting it filled with Pfizer juice. Irving spoke out on the controversy surrounding his decision in a recent Instagram Live:

The media has been vicious to Irving, with ESPN’s politically motivated commentator Stephen A. Smith earning his paycheck by shilling for the vaccine agenda and going hard against Irving. But Kyrie Irving is not backing down.

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