Freedom Protesters Rally Outside Walmart Headquarters As Patriots Challenge Corporate Power

American Freedom protesters rallied outside of the Walmart retail corporation’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas Sunday for the cause of medical freedom. Walmart has imposed a Coronavirus vaccine mandate on the headquarters’ employees.

A reporter for the local ABC affiliate stated, “We have seen several protests against vaccine mandates at some of our local hospitals but today was one of the first protests we’ve seen against a private business.” Clearly, freedom protesters are rattling the globalist establishment, as evidenced by a bill in the California legislature to impose jail sentences on people who protest outside vaccination sites including hospitals and doctor’s offices. That bill has so far not passed into law, but could foreshadow the dystopian future of free speech suppression in America.

In Arkansas, freedom lovers are not messing around. Patriot journalist Matt Couch, editor in chief of, was on the scene to broadcast the concerns of the patriot protesters in Bentonville. For an area that is so dominated by one entity — the globalist corporate behemoth Walmart — the protesters do not seem intimidated in the least to show their maskless faces and defy the power of the retail giant. The Bentonville protest highlights even more hope for the Freedom movement as similar Medical Freedom protests erupt all over the United States and in foreign locales like Paris, France and Montreal.

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