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FREEDOM: Thousands of Californians Swarm Beaches Despite Stay-at-Home Orders




Large crowds of Californians could be seen swarming the state’s beaches over the weekend, suggesting the state’s residents are starting to wear of the state’s stay-at-home order even as the casualties of the coronavirus pandemic reach new heights in the western state.

Photos of beaches near Huntington Beach showed crowds enjoying the warm weather without much consideration for ‘social distancing,’ congregating in flocks with far less than six feet in between each other.

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Governor Gavin Newsom implored the residents of his state to continue practicing social distancing and to stay at home, recognizing in part that Californians have had enough of the disruptions to everyday life and are itching to get outside.

California’s casualties from the coronavirus epidemic, while significant, lag well behind the hardest-hit and densely populated states of New York and New Jersey. The state incurred 115 fatalities to the virus from Wednesday to Thursday, although figures from state public health officials suggest that the curve is flattening in the country’s most populous state.

Policy makers need to be serious and sober-minded about the degree of cooperation they can expect to receive from the public in the historically unprecedented medical pandemic. If the state of California wants its population to practice responsible social distancing, it must accept that the public will leave their homes and participate in everyday events such as sporting and swimming.

Campaign 2020

University of Pennsylvania Workers Overwhelmingly Support the Democrat Party

From Top to Bottom Universities are in the Tank for Democrats



Employees at the University of Pennsylvania are overwhelmingly in the tank for the Democrat Party.

Ophelia Jacobson of Campus Reform reported that University of Pennsylvania employees contributed to Democrat candidates, campaigns, and organizations between 2019 and 2020. Campus Reform was able to gather the data by turning to the Federal Election Commission.

Per the Campus Reform analysis, a whopping 97.6 percent of campaign contributions in 2019 and 2020 made by Penn instructors, staff, and administrators were sent to “Democratic organizations, candidates, and their campaigns.” Some of these groups and causes included ActBlue, Win the Era PAC, Biden for President, and MoveOn Political Action.

The remaining 2.4 percent of contributions went to Republican causes. These included WinRed, Donald J. Trump for President, and the Republican National Committee.

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To get more specific, of the 715 donations that Penn faculty members made, just 11 were sent to Republican candidates, institutions or campaigns. This number represented 1.5 percent of campaign contributions pitched in by faculty members. The remaining 98.4 percent of donations were sent to Democrat causes.

Staff contributions showed similar trends. 97.6 percent of contributions were sent to Democrat campaigns, candidates, or organizations, whereas 2.4 percent were sent to Republicans.

Penn administrators donated 731 times during the time-frame of 2019 and 2020. Curiously, 21 of those 731 contributions (2.8 percent) were only made to Republican causes and the remainder (97.1 percent) were sent to Democrat causes.

This analysis reported that ActBlue was the principal organization that Penn workers donated to as far as Democrats institutions were concerned. In contrast, WinRed was the largest recipient of donations of all the Republican organizations.

Just another case of an American institution of higher learning being filled with leftist staff across the board. Let’s face it, universities are a magnet for the Left and work to perpetuate such a political paradigm.

Conservatives should take note. These institutions and the drones who work for them are the enemy. In light of this, the Right should aim to defund public universities and make sure to attend alternative educational institutions if possible. These institutions do not deserve a single penny from right wingers.


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