French Party Calls for France To Leave the EU and NATO

On March 18, 2023, France’s The Patriots party participated in an anti-war rally calling for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

These demands were at the top of the agenda of the anti-war rally that took place in east Paris on March 18.

“We demand a policy of peace and walkout from NATO and the EU,” the rally participants were chanting. 

Several demonstrators carried posters of Marianne, a young woman donning a Phrygian cap  — a symbol commonly associated with the French Revolution. Marianne is one of the most important allegorical figures in French history during the revolutionary epoch and has become a national symbol that represents equality, justice, and liberty.   

The march that The Patriots party held on March 18, was the third consecutive one that the party recently held. The first rally the party kicked off was on February 12. During that rally, The Patriots’ leader Florian Philippot cut up the flag of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The Patriots are against sending French weapons to Ukraine. In a tweet, Philippot declared that  Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is “insane” after the Ukrainian leader called on the Collective West to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles and military aircraft.

“For how long shall we follow Mr. Zelensky?” Philippot inquired.

According to Russian state-media TAAS, “France has provided Ukraine with 18 Caesar self-propelled howitzers, 2 batteries of Crotale anti-aircraft systems, and a batch of AMX-10 RC wheeled tanks.” 

France needs a real political facelift if it wants to remain a relatively free, cohesive society. One way it can do so is by breaking off from the Anglo-American geopolitical lunacy that has infected the West. France should channel the spirit of former President Charless de Gaulle and declare its independence from NATO’s geopolitical trickery.

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