French Populist Leader Warns NATO Intervention Will Kick Off World War III 

During a debate in the French National Assembly on January 31, 2023, National Rally party leader Marine Le Pen believes that the conflict in Ukraine could go nuclear if NATO directly intervenes. 

“The gradual supplies of offensive weapons can turn this conflict into a hundred-year war. NATO’s total involvement [in the conflict] for the sake of a hypothetical victory for Ukraine will lead to a third world war,” she stated.

Le Pen is the head of the National Rally group in the National Assembly and has been a general skeptic of escalating tensions in Ukraine. Though her views are nuanced in how she opposed Russia’s invasion and is against supplying defensive weapons. She did urge for asking “a question about the further escalation of the conflict, the consequences of which are unknown.”

“The continuation of this conflict may forever change the balance of power in the world,” Le Pen continued. She mentioned how this conflict had already led to the breakdown of relations between Europe and Russia, with the latter bolstering its ties with China and India.

“From this moment on, it is necessary to start laying the foundation for peace. Therefore, Madam Prime Minister, I solemnly address you with this appeal: for President [Emmanuel Macron] to be heard by the world, and in order to preserve hope, it is necessary to organize a big conference for all parties [to the conflict] for the sake of peace,” Le Pen stated.

France faces no real threat from Russia given how far it lies from the Slavic, nuclear power. Historically, when France has been allied or at least on good terms with Russia — World War I and World War II — it has benefited tremendously. On top of that, Russia has had plenty of experience dealing with radical Islamist militants – Chechen and other Islamist separatists in the Caucasus — something that France could learn a thing or two if it can’t contain additional mass migration from Islamic countries. 

While Le Pen should take a more principled anti-war stance on this issue, more leaders like Le Pen are needed to temper the otherwise hawkish foreign policy mindset present in the Collective West. Should the Collective West continue its present course the prospect of a nuclear conflict will grow as a harsh reality.

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