Fresh and Fit Podcast Gets Demonetized for Pushing the Envelope on a Host of Politically Incorrect Issues

On August 19, 2023, controversial men’s self-improvement podcast “Fresh & Fit” announced that it had been demonetized  as it could no longer make money from YouTube ads owing to how it had been kicked off its partner program. 

During an episode on titled “Why THIS Might Be The END Of FreshandFit – Whats Next?“, Myron Gaines (Fit) and his co-host Walter Weekes (Fresh), detailed their current demonetization predicament. 

He informed his followers he had “sucky news,” and that he was “shocked.” Gaines then revealed that the channel had been “kicked off the YouTube partner program.” This partner program allows content creators to monetize their audience and gain access to special features. Weekes revealed that the Super Chat feature, a way for viewers to donate to YouTube channels, would longer be available.

“So basically, we’re going to figure out what’s going on because we don’t really know all the details,” Gaines stated. “We’re working with YouTube to try to come to a middle ground and, you know, work together and figure this out.”

In this episode, the hosts of Fresh & Fit informed their audience that they were never specifically told by YouTube why it decided to demonetize the channel decision. However, they speculated it was due to the subjects they covered.

Gaines stressed “Fresh & Fit” takes on “uncomfortable conversations about uncomfortable topics” and discusses matters that are “controversial” and not “politically correct.”

Gaines subsequently called on the show’s followers to pitch in by subscribing to “Fresh & Fit” on Rumble for $5 monthly. He pushed his followers to do so because he argued that the podcast was “expensive” to operate.

“We need you guys to save us now,” he declared.

Gaines had an emotional episode as he described his interactions with his supporters how giving them advice on how to improve their wealth, dating lives, and fitness was worth all the trouble of getting the podcast off the ground. At one point, Gaines looked like he was on the verge of tears as he had to step away from his microphone. 

“Fresh & Fit”’s demonetization has been the subject of much speculation. Some people argue that the show’s recent turn towards bringing controversial guests such as nationalist content creator Nick Fuentes and geopolitical commentator Ryan Dawson — both who are skeptical of the United States’ relationship with Israel — largely propelled YouTube’s decision. In addition, the show’s message surrounding intersexual dynamics likely did not make it a lot of friends at YouTube. 

Fresh & Fit” currently enjoys 1.49 million subscribers on YouTube, 320,000 followers on Instagram, and 243,000 subscribers on Rumble. 

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