Fresh Out Of The Joint, Anthony Weiner is Ready To Sell Marijuana

Straight out of federal prison, former New York Congressman and amateur photographer Anthony Weiner is seeking to pivot to the growing legal marijuana industry.

Sources informed the Daily Mail that the former Brooklyn congressman was spotted meeting with a potential investor for the idea in Manhattan on Friday. Weiner only just was released from federal prison in Massachusetts earlier this month, having had time shaved off of his 21-month sentence for sending obscene images to a minor.

Currently Weiner is residing at a halfway house in the Bronx.

Weiner has a prolific history of sexting scandals, the latest of which involved a minor, which landed him in prison. The formerly prominent national Democrat became a laughingstock after getting caught red-handed lying about his adulterous online relationships, the first of which was exposed by Andrew Breitbart in what many called one of the first major scandals brought to light by alternative media.

Sources alleged that Weiner was overheard talking about means for his contact to downplay his role in a legal marijuana venture. Weiner was said to have been talking about how his “sexual stuff” wouldn’t matter for the proposal, and that he’d be willing to operate behind the scenes.

The Chuck Schumer protege is also known for his marriage to Huma Abedin, a close confidant of Hillary Clinton. An investigation into Weiner’s sexting played a key role in the re-opening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation during the 2016 election, making the already tarnished figure a target of anger and resentment from frustrated Democrats.

Marijuana is legal in New York for medicinal use, but still illegal for recreational use. It’s unclear if Weiner intends to enter the increasingly profitable industry in his home state. However, as a convicted sex offender, he may not even be able to, as the drug remains federally prohibited- selling or transporting marijuana may violate Weiner’s terms of probation incurred through his felony sex conviction.


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