‘From Pink to Blue’: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Intends to Sell Underwear to Help Law Enforcement

Last week, former Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared on the first edition of Big League Politics Live with journalist Shane Trejo to discuss his plans to promote American freedom during a dark time in this nation’s history. 

Arpaio discussed many topics while appearing on BLP Live, including his history with the constitutional sheriffs movement, his investigation into former president Barack Hussein Obama’s suspicious birth certificate, and his persecution by the same legal firm that pushed false intelligence in the Russia-gate scandal, Perkins Coie.

“I got the first pardon from President Trump. They went after me in court and tried to take away my pardon. C’mon. You can’t do that,” Arpaio said.

Arpaio’s most recent book, Sheriff Joe Arpaio: An American Legend, tells his full life story. He went into deep detail in his book to explain his iconic life as a federal drug cop turned beloved law-and-order sheriff.

“In my whole career here as sheriff, nobody knew about my background… I have a great background, an exciting background, with federal drug enforcement, 26 years, kidnapped, shot at, could go on and on,” he said to explain how his newest book details his history.

Arpaio is now working with former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor and Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman on America’s Sheriff, an organization that will back the thin blue line against far-left threats like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA thugs.

“He likes to sue. I like to lock up people so it’s a pretty good combination,” Arpaio said of his alliance with Klayman.

Arpaio will be working with Klayman to provide support for law enforcement personnel who are persecuted for doing their jobs and enforcing the law. They intend to file lawsuits to defend cops across the nation against every level of government that is oppressing the blue.

He is even planning to sell pink underwear to raise money for cops, based off of his infamous policies during his years as Maricopa County Sheriff to provide pink undergarments for incarcerated criminals to wear.

“I’m going to start selling underwear because I’m going to take that money and use it to help the cops. So it’s going to be from pink to blue. The criminals in pink, the blue in cops. So that’s what I’m going to start doing,” he said.

Arpaio explained that he used to sell pink underwear to raise money for good causes, and he is going to start doing that once more for his pro-police group.

The full episode of BLP Live with Sheriff Joe Arpaio can be seen here:

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