Funding for Ukraine Aid is Expected to Dry Up by the Middle of Summer

According to a POLITICO report published on May 15, 2023, the latest major aid package that Congress greenlit for Ukraine has roughly $6 billion left. This aid package is expected to dry up by the middle of summer.

Thus far, the US government has rubber stamped roughly $113 billion in spending on the Russo-Ukrainian War. Dave DeCamp of noted that this aid “includes military aid, direct budgetary aid, training, funding for US troop deployments in Eastern Europe, and other types of assistance.”

Once the last $6 billion is spent, the Pentagon won’t be able to transport additional weapons to Ukraine. In effect, the Biden regime is expected to call on Congress to green light additional spending on the Russo-Ukrainian war soon.

A senior Biden regime official said to POLITICO that the Biden regime is discussing a new aid package. The Biden regime wants to get the timing right so that the weapons can continue being dumped into Ukraine. The official asserted that the Biden regime is “fully committed” to supporting Ukraine in the war “for the long haul.”

The POLITICO report noted that lavish aid packages to Ukraine might not encounter more pushback in Congress this time around, alluding to the debate over the debt ceiling and resistance from a small faction of Republicans. That said, the bulk of Republicans back the continuous deluge of aid to Ukraine. Most notably, GOP leadership has been particularly enthusiastic about arming Ukraine and have actually taken President Joe Biden to task for not sending longer-range missile systems and fighter aircraft. 

Democrats are practically useless in this conflict, as they overwhelmingly support arming Ukraine and continuing the proxy war against Russia. It’s going to take a serious America First nationalist alternative to make things right and bring some geopolitical realism to American foreign policy decision-making. 

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