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GALLUP Poll: Liberals Are Dragging The Whole Country Down in Patriotism



A new Gallup poll shows that fewer Americans are proud to call themselves Americans today than ever before. According to the recent poll, this is the first time those “extremely proud” to be Americans dropped below majority level. 47% currently describe themselves this way, which is down from 51% in 2017 and well below the highest percentage in 2003 at 70%.Gallup’s latest results are based on a June 1st-13th poll conducted by telephone.

In 2001, when Americans were asked the same question 55% were extremely proud. This amount raised to 65% directly after the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11, when the nation rallied around its leaders, with this amount reaching its peak of 70% just two years later, after the deployment of U.S. Military to Iraq. Only one in 10 say they’re “only a little” (7%) or “not at all” proud (3%).

As far as political affiliation, Democrats have shown the most steady decline in American pride over the years, dropping from 56% in 2013 to 43% in 2017, and currently sit at a depressing 32%. At 42%, less than half of Independents are extremely proud to be Americans, but that’s only slightly down from 48% a year ago, and 50% in 2013. As has been shown to be the case in the past, Republicans are more inclined to say they’re extremely proud to be Americans and numerically, have hit the highest percentage over the last five years at 74%.

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With the huge decline among Democrats, the gap between Democrats and Republicans in extreme pride has grown from 15 percentage points in 2013 to a whopping 42 points today.

Which subgroups are more patriotic? The Gallup poll shows that Democratic-leaning groups including nonwhites, women, young adults and college graduates are well below the national average of citizens extremely proud to be Americans. On the other side of the coin, whites, men, older adults and those with a college degree–who are more Republican-leaning–are above the national average.

Extremely Proud to Be an American, by Subgroup:

So what is the root cause of Democrats dramatically losing pride in being an American?? Less than half of adults in the United States are extremely proud to be Americans. That’s a number not seen by Gallup in the last 17 years when they’ve asked the public about its national pride. While Republicans and conservatives have seen no decrease, Democrats and political liberals have seen a rather steep decline over the past five years.

With all of the issues raised by Democrats since Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016 and President Donald Trump was elected, it’s hard to say which may have had more influence over the other, but one thing is certain, on our nation’s Independence Day, they’d rather not be American’s at all.

The Democratic National Committee’s annual Fourth of July statement reflects its growing hatred for President Trump. During a recent rally at Linear Park, near the Brownsville, Texas federal courthouse, DNC chairman Tom Perez said in a statement, “we recognize that America’s founding promise remains out of reach for too many families.” The rally in Brownsville was in opposition of the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Perez added that “everywhere we look, our most fundamental values are attack.” He continued, “Thousands of children have been separated from their parents at our southern border.” Perez was referring to current policies surrounding immigration, injustice to people of color, low-paying jobs, health care and members of the LGBTQ community as well as the recent Supreme Court decision on public unions, and don’t forget the meltdown when Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement.

“At our highest court, workers’ rights are being taken away, voting rights are under assault, Muslim Americans are being discriminated against for their faith, and women’s right to choose is under threat like never before.” Perez closed his statement by saying, “as we celebrate our nation’s independence, Democrats reaffirm our commitment to fighting for the values of inclusion and opportunity for everyone.”

The Republican’s issued a much more upbeat and patriotic statement about our nation’s Independence Day.

“As we celebrate more than two centuries of independence, we honor the patriots who declared America a free nation in 1776,” said chairman of the Republican National Committee chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel. “We also remember and thank our service members for their lasting dedication and countless sacrifices to guard our liberties.” McDaniel pledged to always “uphold America’s founding principles and continue to fight for our inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.”



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Black Supremacist Tariq “King Flex” Nasheed has History of Authoring Sexist Books



A black supremacist and popular Twitter figure has a long and sordid history of writing books for the purpose of teaching men how to manipulate women into sex.

“The Art of Mackin’ is also the first book that tells men what to say, word for word, in order to get sex from women, guaranteed,” says the description of Nasheed’s book on Amazon, published in 2000. “By using my tried and proven methods of mackin’, men are guaranteed to increase their player ratio by at least fifty percent (50%).”

Confessedly, I have not read the books, and though I am sure they are scholarly and scientifically backed, I am not sure how the “player ratio” is measured.

“The Art of Mackin’ was the first how-to book that taught men how to actually become a true ladie’s [sic] man , and how to use certain techniques (not deceit) in order to get what they wanted from women,” the description continues. “Whether it is sex, money or companionship, this book teaches men what to say, verbatim, in order to reach their intended goal.”

Nasheed released a sequel to “The Art of Mackin'” in 2005 called “The Mack Within: The Holy Book of Game,” which teaches men “how to use ‘pimp game’ as a form of manipulation (not deceit) in order to get what they want from women,” and has a colorful review from The New York Times. 

“Nasheed breaks [the different types of women] down: there’s the Top-Notch Sista (‘when dealing with a top-notch sista, brothers have to really come correct’); the Middle Class Girl; The Hoodrat; and the Chickenhead (a classification Nasheed further splits up into the Low Budget and the Straight-Up Hoochie Chickenhead; to spot the latter, be on the lookout for gold teeth and lips that are ‘purple from smoking weed’).

The book has fantastic reviews, garnering a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

“Good book, should be in with the classics,” wrote reviewer Mark Carroll. “A must read and study for young men!! PLEASE TELL YOUR YOUNGER MEN.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Nasheed has put his illustrious literary career on hold, and has instead decided to make a career of calling everyone on Twitter a “white supremacist.”

Take the NRA for example:

“So Mariia Butina, the Russian citizen residing in D.C., was arrested yesterday, July 15, 2018, on charges of conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian Federation within the United States,” he said. “She has ties to the white supremacist organization the NRA.

Or people who use the “okay” hand gesture:

“Here are another group of white supremacists called the Proud Boys throwing up the white nationalist gang sign” he said.

Or all Trump supporters:

“Trump is using his criticism of LaVar Ball as a dog whistle to trigger his white supremacist base,” Nahseed said. “Trump has to show that he can put “uppity negroes” in their place.”

Big League Politics reached out to Nasheed to ask if he considers himself to be a sexist, or if his views on coercing women into sex have changed.

“Define what sexist is,” Nasheed said.

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