Gang of Rioters Brutally Attack Alabama Journalists on Camera

A group of rioters aggressively attacked two Alabama local news journalists during protests in Birmingham, Alabama. Two journalists were covering the riots, which featured rioters breaking windows of the local courthouse and destroying a monument to Confederate war dead.

The rioters could be seen celebrating with glee as the memorial to Confederate soldiers in Linn Park was destroyed.

The rioters were also seen burning the American flag. The woman conducting the livestream confirmed that a Thomas Jefferson memorial at the Birmingham courthouse was set on fire by the rioters.

Two of the journalists were running a Facebook live feed, which ended when one of them, a white man, was viciously attacked by a group of black rioters.

The livestream ended almost immediately after two rioters punched the man covering the riots in the face. later confirmed that their two journalists got to safety after the riotous crowds turned on them.

Rioters across the American south have been targeting Confederate monuments during the widespread race riots. A professor from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Sarah Parcak, openly encouraged criminals to remove not only Confederate monuments that take the form of obelisks, but also possibly the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. itself.

A tragic event, and possibly a wake-up call for professional liberals who think that the criminals carrying out a rampage on public buildings and memorials are on their side.

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