Gang of Thugs Ruthlessly Beat 60-Year Old New York Man for $1 on Christmas Eve

Surveillance camera footage captured a brutal attack on a 60-year old man by a gang of thugs on Christmas Eve in the Bronx Tuesday.

The man was walking in the borough in the early morning of Christmas Eve with a 29-year old acquaintance. The two men were approached by a group of several men who demanded they surrender their possessions and any money they were carrying. When the men refused, the group of ruffians became violent.

In spite of the thugs’ viciousness and greed, it seems they only made off with a single dollar from their victims.

Video reveals one of the man’s attackers viciously stomping on him after he had already been beaten to the ground. It also seems that one of the men used a nearly trash can as a weapon to beat the victims, making the thugs liable to additional criminal charges for use of a weapon in their violent assault.

Law enforcement are continuing to investigate the shocking, violent robbery. As of Christmas Day, no suspects have been brought into custody yet.

New York City’s Mayor, ultra-progressive Bill de Blasio, has presided over a rise in violent crime in the city after decades of progress in deterring criminal behavior. The mayor has largely refused to take responsibility for any role he’s played in failing to stop violent crime, despite instituting policies that go soft on criminals and let potentially dangerous individuals free from the jail system onto the streets.

The older man who was brutally beaten remains in an area hospital in critical condition. The other victim declined to receive medical treatment.

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