Gavin McInnes Gets His YouTube Channel Back After Suspension

A prominent right wing commentator whose YouTube account had been suspended for an alleged copyright infringement was reinstated Wednesday morning.

Gavin McInnes’ account was suspended after Yellow Brand Protection issued a copyright infringement claim against him on behalf of Vans, Inc., according to a Gateway Pundit report.

The suspension was suspiciously timed – just after McGinnes was dropped from Blaze TV after its merger with CRTV. He suspected that he might have been the victim of a targeted hit facilitated by Silicon Valley and carried out by Yellow Brand, who assured him via email that that was untrue. McInnes has been de-platformed from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

After he was assured by Yellow Brand that his account was mistakenly reported, YouTube still refused to reinstate it.

“Hello, Unfortunately, if your channel has been removed due to copyright infringement, we are unable to process your appeal. Please visit the YouTube Copyright Center for more information,” YouTube reportedly said in an email after McInnes made it clear that the copyright claim was a mistake.

“I filled out all the forms correctly and YouTube comes back with ‘we are unable to process your appeal.’ Something very weird is going on here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vans didn’t even know about this and it was someone else. It could also just have been someone at Google who was told to get rid of me,” he reportedly told Gateway Pundit. 

Only after he met with his attorney to discuss a possible lawsuit against Yellow Brand and YouTube was his account reinstated, to the delight of conservatives and to the chagrin of liberals.

“Gavin McInnes’ YouTube account has been restored,” said Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter, attaching a photo of the live account.

Leftist MoveOn’s Jordan Uhl, apparently a fan of censorship of ideas with which he disagrees, complained about the reinstatement.

“Gavin was too much for Glenn Beck and Mark Levin but not for ABC and YouTube?” he said.

Leftist Media Matter’s retweeted Uhl’s Tweet.

McInnes lives to fight another day during a time when right wing opinions are considered taboo by major Silicon Valley players.

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