Gavin Newsom Announces Launch of Digital IDs in California

As he announced a budget proposal for 2023-2024, California Governor Gavin Newsom said that the state will roll out a digital ID in several months. According to Ken Macon of Reclaim the Net, Newsom said that the state will implement the digital ID plan “like no other state has done it.”

Over the last few years, California has been working to establish a digital ID. In 2021, the DMV was granted permission to test a Digital ID.

“Know this, in just a matter of months, we’re finally going to have those digital wallets, where you can get your driver’s license on a digital wallet. And we’re going to do it like no other state has done it. There’s only a few that have. But there’s issues. Ours, we think, it’ll be next level. We’re so excited about what the DMV can look like,” Newsom stated.

California’s digital ID plans are still a mystery in many respects. Nevertheless, there exist various civil liberties and privacy concerns with regards to digital IDs and they’re connections to accessing services.

Macon noted that “It is also unclear if the state’s digital ID will be available through Apple or Google Wallet, which was updated with a new feature allowing the storage of digital IDs.” Big Tech leaders have been pushing for features that allow for the storage of digital IDs. Thus far, Arizona, Colorado, and Maryland have digital IDs that are available on Apple’s Wallet app. 

Based on Newsom’s initial comments, California is likely going to offer this program via a state-run app such as Florida and Louisiana. Digital IDs are just the latest way that elites are trying to micromanage people’s lives and completely erode their privacy. These ID schemes must be opposed at all costs. They’ll just give the ruling class another way to harass everyday people. 

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