Gavin Newsom is Pushing Measures to Force Female Students to Use Bathrooms Next to Male Students

Thanks to a new law signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom, all public schools in the state will soon be forced to provide gender-neutral bathrooms.

This new legislation builds off of a 10-year-old law that forces K-12 schools to allow students to use restrooms according to their personal preferences as opposed to their sex. 

“These measures will help protect vulnerable youth, promote acceptance and create more supportive environments in our schools and communities,” declared Newsom, who added that California is “proud” to have some of the “most robust” LGBTQ+ rights laws in the country.

Per a Los Angeles Times report, the new bill came after the Chino Valley Unified School District tried to “restrict transgender students’ access to certain bathrooms and sports facilities.” 

The district rule simply was mandating schools to inform parents if their child starts identifying as a different gender from their own, which includes attempted cases of entering bathrooms or sports teams designated for the opposite sex.

Additional laws that Newsom signed on September 23, 2023 a new requirement for schools to hold a “cultural competency” training about so-called “LGBTQ+ student issues” on top of the creation of an “Advisory task force” that will “identify the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and plus (LGBTQ+) pupils.”

The task force will subsequently have to “make recommendations to assist in implementing supportive policies” for the aforementioned student groups.

California is the premier bastion of cultural leftism in America. It’s a trend setter for the rest of the nation. So whatever degenerate public policy passed in California will undoubtedly make its way to other states. 

America First patriots should take note of what’s happening in California because that kind of legislative degeneracy will undoubtedly make its way to other states if activists are caught asleep at the wheel.

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