George Lopez Threatens President Trump’s Life After $80 Million Iranian Bounty

Comedian and actor George Lopez threatened President Trump’s life in an Instagram comment posted on Sunday.

An account called ‘chicanoworldstar’ made a post about a ‘bounty’ placed by Iranian leaders on President Trump, seeking retribution for the killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps General Qassim Soleimani. Sources have claimed that figures within the Iranian government have offered a $80 million dollars to whomever can kill President Trump.

Placing a cash bounty on the life of a prominent world leader is quite a strange geopolitical move, and it’s not entirely clear if reports of this ‘bounty’ are accurate. Yet that didn’t stop George Lopez from offering to collect the fee, stating that “we’ll do it for half” in a comment on chicanoworldstar’s post.

Lopez’s threat could land him in trouble with the Secret Service. The law enforcement agency assigned to protect the President has questioned celebrities who callously call for the death of the President before.

The comedian is known as fierce left-wing partisan, but offering to do the bidding of the Iranian mullahs in killing the President of the United States transcends any acceptable political boundaries in American discourse. Lopez should be ashamed.

As of Sunday night, Lopez’s treasonous comment remains public and visible on chicanoworldstar’s post. Nearly 1300 Instagram users have liked the comment, possibly making themselves liable to a potential Secret Service investigation of Lopez’s death threat.

The clown has made dramatic statements in opposition to Trump before, usually opposing the President’s policies cracking down on illegal immigration and securing the southern border.

Lopez was charged with battery in 2018 after he accosted a Trump supporter who verbally rejected his political commentary. It’s possible the charge could subject him to additional Secret Service scrutiny, in light of his latest threat.


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