George W. Bush Institute Senior Advisor Calls for Legacy Media Outlets to Censor So-Called Disinformation

The George W. Bush Institute recently hopped on a campaign to consolidate and broaden several forms of speech control and censorship on legacy media as the 2024 presidential election cycle is well underway.

The institute’s Senior Editorial Advisor William McKenzie penned a piece where he specially praised the polemical the head of the defunct Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz.

McKenzie broke down his musings about “disinformation” and “misinformation” during a year of elections into five points. He noted that these concepts and ideas come from  interviews, news, and webinars.

McKenzie stressed how “4 billion people” in countless countries will go to the polling stations in 2024 makes the necessity of policing so-called disinformation even more important.

In the post, Brookings Institution’s Darrell M. West was quoted, where he noted that “a perfect storm of disinformation” was occurring worldwide. 

This post particularly highlighted the concept of “pre-bunking” which refers to how the media should be reporting “ahead of time how lies may be coming our way.” Effectively, the media will be warning about certain terms and expressions as the presidential election approaches in order to control discourse and censor anyone who utters these politically prohibited expressions.

There’s a genuine fear among the chattering class that a free Internet and commentary space poses a major threat to their hegemony. Hence its constant push for measures to restrict speech and muzzle any dissenting voices that will cause people to think outside of the  window of acceptable opinions.

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