George Washington University Will No Longer Use “Colonials” Name for Sports Teams 

Last month, an incident of cultural iconoclasm largely went under the radar. 

At the time, George Washington University officials announced that the school will no longer use the “Colonials” name for its sports teams. According to a report by the New York Post, the university alluded to “division among the community about the moniker.” 

The name will still be used until the university rolls out a new name starting in the 2023-2024 academic year. 

According to a report that the GWU special committee published, the committee discovered that “the university community is sharply divided” over the sports teams’ name, “with an almost 50/50 overall split. Alumni were “somewhat more in favor” of maintaining the name “Colonials” than the current student body.

“For supporters, the term refers to those who lived in the colonies, especially those who fought for independence against England and, with bravery, courage, and

against all odds, secured democracy for the United States. It embodies the spirit of George Washington,” the committee’s report stated. “For opponents, ‘Colonials’ means colonizers (both here and abroad) and refers to those who stole land from indigenous groups, plundered their resources, murdered and exiled Native peoples, and introduced slavery into the colonies.”

In the concluding statement, the report stated:

“Given this offense and harm and given that those who would retire the moniker comprise a little over half of the university community, the moniker can no longer serve its purpose as a name that unifies.”

This recent move to change the university’s name was met with opposition. 

“We believe that the Colonial mascot does not uphold colonialism, rather it is meant to honor the colonists of the Continental Army who fought against tyrannical colonialism in the establishment of our nation,” the GWU College Republicans declared in a statement. “These colonials fought against foreign rule, they weren’t advocates of the practice of colonialism. The erasure of the Colonial mascot is an erasure of the sacrifice made by those who dedicated their lives to the creation of our great nation.”

“We are also deeply troubled with the possibility that this could snowball into the changing of the University’s name itself, which we remain in vehement opposition to. We look forward to any collaboration or inquiries to resolve this issue,” the GWU College Republicans added. 

While many conservatives have pooh-poohed the idea of fighting the culture wars, most sober America First patriots recognize the value of fighting these battles. For one, they represent existential threats to the Historic American Nation. 

When symbols of this nature are removed from the public square and erased from a nation’s historical memory, it makes it easier for would-be tyrants to swoop in and take power by crafting their own narratives and erecting their own symbols. A society who has its historical memory erased is one that is truly conquered.  

We should cherish and defend moments like the 4th of July, because they won’t last long under a PC, multicultural state. 

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