Georgia Congressional Candidate is Exposed by America First PAC For Having a Pro-Establishment Track Record

Earlier this month, Hold the Line Political Action Committee — an America First PAC, launched an attack advertisement against Brian Jack, a Republican candidate for Georgia’s third congressional district. 

The ad posted on X: “Brian Jack is BAD for America. Vote NO on Brian Jack in #GA03.”


Jack was a former official who worked under the administration of former President Donald Trump. He would later join the team of California Congressman Kevin McCarthy in 2021 to carry out his political operations. He effectively served as a key liaison between the Trump space and the former House Speaker’s office, according to several political insiders. 

Jack has also played a key role in shaping Trump’s endorsement strategies during election cycles throughout 2016 up until 2024. 

Jack, who remains an adviser to McCarthy, recently began working on Trump’s 2024 reelection campaign.

The attack ad argued that Jack is “Bad for MAGA” and that he served as “Kevin McCarthy’s  mole  against  team  Trump.” Moreover, the ad highlighted that Jack’s advice propelled Trump to endorse anti-MAGA candidates such as “Lindsey  Graham,  Mitch  McConnell,  Paul  Ryan,  and  Mitt  Romney.”

Back in the summer of 2023, pro-Trump media figure Laura Loomer warned about Jack’s noxious influence on America First figures like Trump: 

I love President Trump. 

But he should comment on the debt deal. This is why it was terrible that Trump endorsed @SpeakerMcCarthy

One of Trump’s advisors is a very bad person named Brian Jack. 

Brian Jack sabotages America First candidates and he’s Kevin McCarthy’s lapdog. I’m told in 2022, when Trump wanted to endorse me, Brian Jack told him not to and made up a lie that I was 25 points behind in an effort to kill my endorsement. 

He is an aide to McCarthy. 

And a Trojan Horse inside Trump’s camp.

Jack seems like another insider Swamp type that serves to subvert America First principles. The good news is that voters will have the ability to deny Jack the burden of holding higher office on May 21, 2024 during the Republican primaries in Georgia.

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