Georgia Congressional Candidate Marjorie Greene Threatens Primary Opponent with Lawsuit for ‘Defamatory’ E-Verify Claims

Georgia Congressional candidate Marjorie Greene has sent a cease-and-desist letter to her Republican primary opponent John Cowan for misrepresenting her record on immigration in a campaign ad.

“The actionable statements were published by you and your political corporation,” Greene’s attorney L. Lin Wood wrote in a letter to Cowan and his Congressional campaign. “The actionable statements were negligently published and were published with actual malice, that is, with actual knowledge of falsity or with a reckless disregard for truth or falsity.”

Wood is referencing Cowan’s campaign ad alleging that her company did not use E-Verify, a federal program designed to keep illegal immigrants from obtaining employment.

However, Wood provided documented proof that her company did in fact use E-Verify to make sure illegals were not given jobs over American workers.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Taylor Construction clearly uses E-Verify

“Rather than confine yourself to a robust debate on issues for the benefit of the voters, you crossed the legal line and wrongfully published false accusations against Ms. Greene and Taylor Commercial, Inc. The false accusations made by you on behalf of your campaign to discredit your political opponent unlawfully exceed the permissible parameters of political speech and makes you, and your campaign, liable for damages for defamation,” Wood asserted in the letter.

Wood is demanding that Cowan retract the ad and issue a public statement apologizing to Greene for making false accusations, or he will likely file a defamation lawsuit against Cowan and his campaign.

The allegedly defamatory campaign ad released by Cowan can be found here (at least, for now):

Big League Politics has reported on Greene for her constitutional campaign ads putting ANTIFA thugs on notice, which have been censored by Facebook.

“I have a message for ANTIFA terrorists,” she said as she locked and loaded her rifle in the controversial campaign ad. “Stay out of Northwest Georgia. You won’t burn our churches, loot our businesses or destroy our homes. It’s time to take our country back, save America, stop socialism!”

The GOP establishment has already set their sights on Greene, as she they know she will be a lawmaker who they will not be able to control. She refuses to apologize or back down as they levy their attacks.

“I will not let them whip me into submission. And the voters of Northwest Georgia will not let the DC Swamp and the Fake News Media tell them who to vote for,” Greene said in a Facebook post.

Greene is considered the front-runner to beat Cowan during the GOP runoff primary election for Georgia’s 14th Congressional seat. The election is scheduled to take place on Aug. 11.

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