Georgia Election Official Anticipates Finishing Vote Count on November 13th

Georgia’s senior elections official revealed Thursday that he doesn’t expect a final finished count of votes in the state until November 13th, the legal deadline for certifying the vote in the state.

Gabriel Sterling, the Georgia Voting System Implementation Manager, said that there are 47,277 outstanding ballots as of Thursday evening. President Trump currently leads Joe Biden by a razor-thin margin of 13,000 votes, in totals of 2,438,206 to 2,425,438.

We anticipate having the count done when the legal deadline for certification is, which is 10 days after the election,” Sterling said. “There are ballots that are still coming in. There are ballots to be cured and there are ballots to be verified.

More than 90% of votes in the must-win state were counted and registered on the night of the election, but it appears that the small pool of outstanding ballots is less than 1% of total ballots cast in the state.

The Trump campaign has dispatched an army of staffers to cure erroneously completed mail-in ballots in the state, a process known as curing. Democrats have already sought volunteers to go door-to-door to cure spoiled ballots in Georgia.

The Trump campaign continues to express confidence that the must-win state, whose 16 electoral college votes are necessary for President Trump to secure the winning total of 270, will ultimately be delegated to the President.

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