Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s Likely Senate Pick Shared Profits with Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, Big League Politics reported that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was planning to ignore President Donald Trump’s advice and appoint frequent Democratic Party donor Kelly Loeffler to the Senate instead of Trump’s preferred pick, Rep. Doug Collins.

In addition to her lifetime of donating to the Democratic Party before jumping on the Mitt Romney for President bandwagon in 2012, Loeffler also co-owns the Atlanta Dream, a franchise in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). The WNBA has never turned a profit throughout its entire existence, and serves as little more than an outlet for violent lesbian brutes to act out their aggression on a public stage.

The WNBA is steeped in social justice rhetoric, typically blaming sexism for the lack of interest in their dismal product, and Loeffler’s franchise has participated in a revenue-sharing scheme that funneled money into the coffers of Planned Parenthood.

Through the “Take A Seat, Take A Stand” program that operated in 2018, the WNBA officially joined the resistance against President Donald Trump. It sent $5 from every ticket sold during a WNBA game throughout the 2018 season to a wide variety of extreme leftist special interest groups such as Planned Parenthood, MENTOR, GLSEN, It’s on Us, Bright Pink, and The United State of Women.

“For 22 years, the WNBA and its players – women playing at the highest level of their sport – have stood up as role models for millions of women and girls,” said WNBA President Lisa Borders.

“With ‘Take a Seat, Take a Stand,’ we are proud to come together as a league to stand with our partner organizations, our fans and the many inspiring women raising their voices for change in the current women’s movement,” Borders added.

The nauseating promotional video for the program can be seen here:

Loeffler’s franchise, the Atlanta Dream, did in fact take part in this program, and they promoted the idea on their official team website.

A story in Glamour about the “Take a Seat, Take a Stand” program noted that participation was not mandatory. Loeffler’s franchise chose to participate in this program that helped murder babies in the womb, furthered the LGBT agenda as it relentlessly targets children, and helped fan the flames of the #metoo hysteria that undermines due process.

“They are very much sensitized to what’s going on in the U.S. but also what’s going on globally, and they have very strong opinions about equity and parity and social justice by virtue of their experience, their education, and their exposure,” Borders said about WNBA players.

Loeffler did not choose to get involved with the WNBA because it was a profitable venture. She became involved because she empathizes with the cause, and thanks to Gov. Kemp, she will likely become the next U.S. Senator from Georgia instead of proven patriot Rep. Doug Collins.

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