Georgia Man Sentenced to 1,000 Years for Child Pornography Receives Parole, Released From Jail

A Georgia man who was sentenced to 1,000 years in prison for owning a massive collection of child pornography is being paroled from prison against the wishes of the prosecutor that oversaw his conviction.

72-year old Peter Mallory will have the chance to serve the remainder of his 1,000 year sentence for 60 counts  of exploitation of children, tampering with evidence, and three counts of invasion of privacy, adjudicated in December 2012, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. Mallory was released from the state prison system on May 27th.

Mallory is no run-of-the-mill sex offender; prosecutors have described the former television station owner as having possessed more than 26,000 files of child pornography and exploitation. At his sentencing, Mallory was referred to as “one of the most prolific collectors of child pornography in the world.”

Mallory was also convicted of discretely recording women underneath their skirts without their knowledge.

District Attorney Herb Cranford has urged the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to keep Mallory in prison, pointing out that Mallory’s crimes are far more severe than that of usual child pornography convicts who have a chance to be paroled in Georgia after serving seven years of their sentences.

While it may be consistent throughout the state for this board to parole certain persons convicted of these crimes after seven years, Mallory is a worse offender and his crimes are worse than the average possessor of child pornography.

Cranford responded to the parole board’s decision to free the prolific sex offender with disapproval, stating he opposed the decision but is powerless to stop it.

Mallory spent just over seven years in prison, a mere .07% of his total 1,000 year sentence.


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