Georgia Prosecutors are Investigating Rudy Giuliani for Opposing 2020 Presidential Election Fraud

America’s Mayor and former President Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is being investigated by prosecutors in Georgia for opposing 2020 presidential election fraud.

Bob Costello, an attorney for Giuliani, made the announcement on Monday that the Fulton County District Attorney’s office let him know Giuliani was in fact under investigation after “asking [the office] probably six or seven times.”

Giuliani will appear on Wednesday before a special grand jury in Georgia. It is unclear whether or not he will use the 5th Amendment, like many have in the overreaching federal Jan. 6 probe, to shield himself from this hostile, Soviet-style farce of an investigation.

Giuliani is being targeted for speaking to Georgia state legislators after Nov. 2020 and spreading so-called conspiracy theories about election fraud. They are trying to criminalize his free speech, set a precedent that eviscerates the 1st Amendment and send a chilling message to vote fraud opponents in future elections.

Big League Politics reported on Giuliani immediately being among the most vocal, high-profile critics of the coordinated election fraud operation that was perpetrated against the people in 2020:

Donald J. Trump campaign lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani detailed allegations of a “national conspiracy” to steal the 2020 presidential election

“It’s not singular voter fraud in one state. This pattern repeats itself in multiple states.”

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