Georgia Republican Party Preparing to Pass Resolution Calling for Immigration Moratorium

The Georgia Republican Party is preparing to take up a resolution calling upon President Donald Trump to enact a full immigration moratorium in the wake of the coronavirus recession.

The resolution, which is slated to be approved at the party’s upcoming convention, expresses approval for President Trump’s restrictions on new immigration visas during the coronavirus recession. The resolution calls for the restrictions to be expanded to a full moratorium, eliminating the generous big-business exemptions that the visa cut provided. White House sources indicate that President Trump’s immigration restriction executive order were initially slated to go far further, but was watered down by Jared Kushner and other pro-big business Chamber of Commerce sympathizers within the administration.

The Georgia GOP’s resolution calls for President Trump to Expand the Ban, citing the pervasive economic insecurity many Americans are facing as a result of unemployment during the coronavirus recession.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Georgia Republican Party commends and supports President Donald J. Trump’s leadership in protecting American jobs during the pandemic by restricting immigration during the present health and economic crisis.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Georgia Republican Party urges President Trump to issue a second executive order that removes the various special interest exceptions to the first executive order and shall strictly limit new immigration visas until the economy reaches its pre-pandemic unemployment rate of no greater than 3.5 percent.”

The Georgia Republican Party’s resolution places it firmly in support of immigration restriction, a policy which establishment Republican political operatives had strenuously sought to exclude from Republican policy despite widespread support among Republican voters and the American people.

The Trump administration is said to be actively considering further immigration and visa restrictions in light of the recession, eyeing the notorious cheap labor H1B and OPT visa programs frequently used by large corporations to displace American workers.

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