Georgia’s Brian Kemp Announces Reopening of Some Businesses By Friday

Georgia is set to become one the first states in the United States to begin reopening many of its small businesses, with Governor Brian Kemp stating a phased-in reopening starting on Friday.

Kemp has announced that institutions such as gyms, barber shops, hair salons, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys will be free to reopen on Friday. Restaurants will be free to institute dine-in service on Monday, and movie theaters will be permitted to open.

The reopening measures make Georgia a national leader in reopening the economy, although Kemp has made it clear that businesses that open will be subject to strict social distancing regulations.

The entities that I am reopening are not reopening for ‘business as usual.’ Each of these entities will be subject to specific restrictions, including adherence to Minimum Basic Operations, social distancing, and regular sanitation.

The governor claims the reopening of businesses is in line with the three-part plan outlined by the federal government for state reopenings of businesses and institutions. The ‘Opening Up America‘ plan outlines for states to decrease the diagnosed cases of all viral diseases before starting reopening.

There’s reason to be skeptical of the planned reopening measures, which are occurring as coronavirus cases continue to rise in numbers in the states.

Let’s hope that the reopening of businesses to bring the economy back into motion doesn’t lead to unnecessary casualties.

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