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Germany To Criminalize Burning of European Union Flag

Since when did it become a national flag?



The German parliament advanced legislation that would criminalize the burning of the European Union flag on Thursday, recognizing the flag of the globalist political union on a level akin to that of a national flag.

The burning of the entity’s flag has become increasingly popular during euroskeptic protests in Germany and in other European counties, and German legislators expressed their desire to afford the EU flag the same protections that the German flag already has in the country.

We will not allow these symbolic acts of hatred and contempt to continue,” said Justice Minister Christian Lange of the Social Democratic Party. The law banning the burning of the EU flag is largely supported by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.

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Populists and euroskeptics denounced the enshrining of the globalist political union’s symbol as a sacred flag akin to that of a country.

The populist nationalist Alternative for Germany is one of the few parties with a presence in the German parliament that is declining to support the bill. “The EU is not a state,” said AfD representative Bernd Baumann. “Therefore their symbol should not have the same rules attached to it.

In the aftermath of the United Kingdom’s departure from the globalist political union, the entity’s neoliberal supporters and powerful Brussels bureaucrats seem just as intent in forcibly empowering the undemocratic entity above and beyond national governments. It’s not entirely impossible that outright criticism of the EU will soon be criminalized in fashion similar to the destruction of its ‘flag.’


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Polish Election: National Conservative President Andrzej Duda Leads, Will Face Soros-Linked Liberal Challenger in Runoff

Poland’s President won the first round of the runoff.



Poland’s national conservative President, Andrzej Duda, will face liberal Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski in a runoff election in July. Duda, of the Law and Justice Party, recieved a strong electoral plurality in the first round of elections, taking just under 44%. Trzaskowski recieved 30%, and will be the sole candidate competing against Duda in the runoff elections.

Trzaskowski favors further integrating Poland with the European Union, and has pitched his candidacy to global liberal western elites irritated by euroskeptic and nationalist sentiment in Poland. He’s attended the globalist Bilderberg Conference, and received a scholarship from the Soros Foundation in the early 90’s as a student.

Trzaskowski also led the movement within the country to resettle thousands of Middle Eastern refugees in Poland during the 2015 migrant crisis, a policy that was overturned after Duda took office that year.

Duda has campaigned on reforming the nation’s judiciary, resisting political imperatives from unelected European Union bureaucrats in Brussels(without calling for the Eastern European nation to leave the EU), and opposition to attempts to promote a western-style cultural agenda in Poland. Duda has spoken against the promotion of homosexual ideology in the country, comparing the previous generation’s experiences living under communism to the liberal agenda. “They didn’t fight for this so that a new ideology would appear that is even more destructive,” said Duda in a campaign rally earlier this month.

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Various other political parties competed in the first round elections, including other right-wing and conservative parties, who marshaled approximately 9% of the vote combined. If Duda can unite voters inclined to vote for parties to the right of Law and Justice, he stands a strong chance to cruise to an easy victory with more than 50% of the vote.

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