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Germany To Criminalize Burning of European Union Flag

Since when did it become a national flag?



The German parliament advanced legislation that would criminalize the burning of the European Union flag on Thursday, recognizing the flag of the globalist political union on a level akin to that of a national flag.

The burning of the entity’s flag has become increasingly popular during euroskeptic protests in Germany and in other European counties, and German legislators expressed their desire to afford the EU flag the same protections that the German flag already has in the country.

We will not allow these symbolic acts of hatred and contempt to continue,” said Justice Minister Christian Lange of the Social Democratic Party. The law banning the burning of the EU flag is largely supported by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.

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Populists and euroskeptics denounced the enshrining of the globalist political union’s symbol as a sacred flag akin to that of a country.

The populist nationalist Alternative for Germany is one of the few parties with a presence in the German parliament that is declining to support the bill. “The EU is not a state,” said AfD representative Bernd Baumann. “Therefore their symbol should not have the same rules attached to it.

In the aftermath of the United Kingdom’s departure from the globalist political union, the entity’s neoliberal supporters and powerful Brussels bureaucrats seem just as intent in forcibly empowering the undemocratic entity above and beyond national governments. It’s not entirely impossible that outright criticism of the EU will soon be criminalized in fashion similar to the destruction of its ‘flag.’


Around The World

Japan: Number of October Suicides Exceeded All COVID-19 Deaths Throughout 2020

The cure should not be worse than the problem itself.



Japan has seen more of its people die in one month from suicide than from total COVID-19 deaths in 2020.

Japan’s National Police Agency reported that 2,153 people committed suicide in the month of October, while fewer than 2,000 people have died from COVID-19 all year.

While it is true that Japan has historically had high rates of suicide compared to other nations, suicides had generally decreased throughout 2020.

Despite the high number of suicides in October, the Japanese have avoided implementing draconian lockdowns and restrictions for the most part, though they have been seeing record high numbers of cases in the month of November. Thus it should be interesting to see what their suicide numbers for this month look like.

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