Gina Carano Reveals Her First Ever Vote Was For The Don

How many Americans did former President Trump pull into politics? You can be rest assured it is a high number even if it is not precisely known. Former MMA fighter Gina Carano was one of many millions of Americans brought into politics by Donald Trump’s charm; the Daily Wire actress recently discussed her decision to cast her very first vote for the former President back in 2020 as well as the consequential backlash.

Carano also called out the Fake News Media for their relentless bias against the former president.The careerist fighter and actress told podcast host Joe Rogan that voting was not an interest of hers before Trump ran for re-election.

“But when 2020 came around,” she said, “I knew that after the devastations of what had happened with COVID and the lockdowns and all of that, I wanted to make sure we had a strong leader that was gonna be able to get this economy back.” She further explained her view that Trump was the candidate needed to bring the American people back to work, unlike his far-left opposition.

Carano posted a photo online with an “I voted” sticker shortly thereafter, before the beginning of what The Post Millenial describes as a “hate campaign” that trended on social media.”I never was the person to run around with a red MAGA hat on,” Carano said, “but I didn’t like how they were being treated because they were passionate about who they were voting for.”

“The problem,” Rogan postulated, “is the way Trump behaves makes the people who oppose him feel like they’re very justified in their anger, because he fights people.”

Carano explained that she understood the desire some have for Trump to harbor a more “professional voice,” but still believed that she nonetheless made the “pragmatic” choice given the former president’s economic success faced against his pitiful opposition.

“I would be a bit pissed off if I was him, too,” she added, suggesting that the media had treated Trump unfairly.

“The CNN hoax, and the Russian hoax and all of that just on top of him, and they’re just as guilty as Trump was, as dividing.”Rogan accused political activists of the mainstream media of intentionally running the “outrage economy,” to which Carano answered that they will have to “start reporting on real news,” in order to get on people’s good sides.Big League Politics previously covered the famous actress after she had been canceled by Disney corporation for being a conservative. Those interested in that backstory can read about it below.

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