Glenn Beck Pushes Mike Lee As ‘Next Nominee’ If Kavanaugh Doesn’t Make It

Radio host Glenn Beck said that President Trump should have Utah senator Mike Lee ready to go as a backup if Brett Kavanaugh does not make it to the Supreme Court.

Beck imagined on his show a scenario in which Kavanaugh would quit or get voted down. “Let’s just say Brett Kavanaugh is hit by a plane tomorrow,” he said.

“You need to announce that Mike Lee is the candidate, we’re going to get this done before the election. Of course they’re going to go crazy because Mike Lee is uber pro-life, and he would vote, uh…” Beck said.

“Whatever it is, that press conference, you have to say: Here’s my next nominee. And we’re going to have it done before the election. Now, in my opinion, the only one that can stand that is Mike Lee,” Glenn Beck said.

“You have four weeks. The one who doesn’t need all the FBI checks and all that is Mike Lee. It’s already been done. He’s a senator,” Beck said.

Brett Kavanaugh submitted to six complete background investigations for his various work with the federal government, and he is now on his seventh.

Listen At the 12:00 Minute Mark In The “Hour 1” audio clip here on the Glenn Beck Soundcloud page:

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