Glenn Beck Shills for Lutheran Refugee Non-Profit for its “Christian” Behavior Towards Afghan Evacuees

Is Glenn Beck shilling for non-profits that are encouraging Afghan resettlement?

In a recent blog post, Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch recounted how she was listening to Glenn Beck’s show and was shocked at the content of one of his episodes. Of note, Beck conducted an interview with the leader of Luther Immigraton and Refugee Service (LIRS) about the organization’s ventures to bring in Afghan evacuees to the US.

Beck was rather effusive in his praise of Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, the CEO of LIRS, for helping Afghans get flown out of their native country and brought over stateside. Beck was most concerned about LIRS’s efforts to help Afghans assimilate to American culture and learn English.

Vignarajah assured the conservative media personality that his organization is helping these Afghan evacuees become more acclimated to US culture. LIRS CEO said that the organization still needs donations and volunteers in order to carry out its current venture and other projects further down the line.

However, in her post, Corcoran spilled the beans about LIRS’ nature: 


LIRS is effectively funded by the federal government, as Corcoran showed in LIRS’ Form 990 from 2019.

On page 9 of the tax form, $52 million of LIRS’s income came from Uncle Sam. In essence, the group is a federal contractor. 

Corcoran went into how much money several LIRS workers were making at the taxpayer’s expense:

And here, have a look at the salaries of Mrs. O’Mara and a few of her other co-workers.  Although she does not make the salary her predecessor Linda Hartke made before leaving under questionable circumstances, a quarter of a million a year isn’t chump change.

Note that she makes more than a US Senator or Member of Congress.  If LIRS was truly a private organization funded out of the charity of individuals, their salaries would be none of our business, but they are not!

Data from USA Spending shows that LIRS is continuing to rake in some big bucks.

Sadly, Beck has given LIRS a significant platform on his show, which could lead many of his viewers to donate money to an organization that is working to dispossess legacy Americans on the taxpayer dime. 

Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin has long exposed Open Borders Inc. — the consortium of businesses, lobbies, and non-profit organizations — that work to demographically transform America while gorging themselves at the federal pig trough. The current migration and evacuation crisis taking place in Afghanistan presents a lucrative opportunity for these organizations to take advantage of.

LIRS will be among the most active of these organizations. No self-respecting conservative should even consider donating a cent to LIRS.

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