Glenn Greenwald Takes On The Ukraine Conflict

American journalist Glenn Greenwald, famous for reporting on numerous high-profile events including perhaps most notably the whistleblowing and subsequent persecution of former government intelligence employee Edward Snowden, is now tackling the ongoing situation with Ukraine.

Greenwald has for a long time been highly critical of policies put out by the United States establishment; he strongly opposed George W. Bush’s Iraq war and often lambasted the various subsequent bipartisan initiatives to spy on the American people through unprecedented use of advanced surveillance technologies.

It is safe to say that Greenwald is a veteran when it comes to observing and reporting on US foreign policy in action. The journalist logged on to Substack today to offer some words of wisdom on how things usually go once two opposing nations enter into an armed conflict. He described the arguing, extreme emotions, and the inevitable lack of nuance that follows:

“The outbreak of war between two or more nations is obviously one of the worst events that can happen for humanity, if not clearly the single worst. For that reason, when it happens, emotions are extremely high; nationalism and tribalism surge; the range of permissible debate radically shrinks; the political and media class unite in lockstep messaging across the political spectrum; and anyone even slightly off-key or questioning of that script is hunted down and held up as a heretic and traitor, as you can see happening here.”

He then shared images of deranged and emotionally charged insults by Biden voters levied against dissenters who dared to criticize the Joe Biden administration:

Greenwald explained that “this toxic climate naturally fosters high incentives to either cling faithfully to the script or remain silent,” and that social media and television alike further exacerbate this issue given they generally favor shorter and consequently less nuanced content.

He concluded the article by sharing a video featuring a part of a lecture by well-known liberal professor Noam Chomsky. Chomsky at the time explained that the inherent constraints of network television help ensure that conventional wisdom can be affirmed, but never allow for it to be meaningfully challenged.

Those interested in hearing Greenwald’s current perspective of the ongoing situation with Russia, Ukraine, and to an extent the United States, can view his most recent Rumble by clicking here.

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