Globalist “Great Reset” Author Klaus Schwab Received Chinese Foreign Honor in 2018

The author of a book outlining the “Great Reset” received a Chinese state foreign honor in 2018.

Klaus Schwab, the author of “COVID-19: The Great Reset” and the executive director of the globalist World Economic Forum, received the China Reform Friendship Medal for his role in integrating Communist China into the world economy.

Schwab is cited as a “promoter of China’s international economic exchanges and cooperation” in a Chinese state media report on his state honor, which was provided to ten leading western globalists for their role in outsourcing jobs to the Communist-mercantilist nation. Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping personally bestowed the China Reform Friendship Medal to Schwab in a 2018 Beijing ceremony.

Schwab has advocated that “nothing return to normal” in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, predicting that human history itself will be differentiated between the era before the virus and after in a manner akin to the birth of Jesus Christ. He outlined his vision for digitized reorganization of the western world in the aftermath of coronavirus in a WEF in July, delegating power formerly held by citizens to “stakeholders” affiliated with the world’s large corporations and governments.

Another Chinese state media profile of Schwab reveals he assisted in organizing an equivalent of the globalist Davos Conference in China, having supported the integration of China in operations of the World Economic Forum.

(Schwab speaks in China, 2010.)

The “great reset” vision supported by Schwab is broadly akin to China’s social credit system, in which powerful institutions are handed broad powers to punish and regulate the everyday behavior of private citizens. The World Economic Forum has previously suggested freedoms such as private automobile ownership, consumption of dark meat(to be replaced with insects), mass immigration and refugee resettlement, and private property are incompatible with their vision of a globalist future.

Global elites and oligarchs have keenly promoted Schwab’s idea of the Great Reset in recent months, eager to redistribute property and freedoms from ‘average’ and middle-class people to massive corporations and themselves.