Globalist NGO Calls for Mass Migration in Germany

The founder and spokesperson for the Mission Lifeline International migrant rescue boat NGO, Axel Steier recently called for increased mass migration in light of the Alternative for Germany (AfD)’s historic victory in a district election. 

This electoral result has made the German political establishment go nuts. As a result, mass migration boosters such as Steier have called for greater migration to prevent political entities such as AfD from continuing to make political progress.  “If there had been enough immigration from abroad (e.g., by abolishing the visa requirement for Afghans and other persecuted people), and if these people had been given the right to vote immediately, (the German district of) Sonneberg would not be an issue today. Therefore: Open the borders!” Steier declared on Twitter.

The tweet came following AfD candidate Robert Sesselmann’s victory  in the district of Sonneberg on June 25, 2023, which represented a significant accomplishment for a rising AfD party that is hovering around 20% in the polls. This is a historic high that, according to some polls, puts the AFF as the second most popular party in the country.

Naturally, several leftist figures about these election results, with multiple parties continuously pushing for a national ban of the AfD despite a significant portion of the German populace’s supporting the AfD agenda. In Steier’s view, mass immigration and immediate voting rights for these alien invaders is a more effective way to dilute AfD’s power. In effect, Steier and mass migration boosters want to elect a new people in order to maintain their political power in perpetuity. 

This has been the elite plan from day 1. Hopefully, more people put two and two together and start opposing this unholy agenda. Mass migration is an existential threat to the West which could result in the destruction of this great civilization. For the sake of preserving our great cultures, nationalists across the West must do everything possible to stop mass migration.

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