Globalist Oligarch George Soros Drops $50 Million Into 2020 Election

The Free Beacon reported that George Soros has pitched in $50 million to Democrats’ PACs and campaigns in the 2020 election cycle.

These contributions represent a record amount of financial support for the billionaire oligarch.

In the 2020 cycle, Soros stepped up his political spending through the Democracy PAC, which he established in 2019 to dump large sums of money into other leftist organizations.

According to new filings to the Federal Election Commission, the PAC donated nearly $17 million last quarter, which brought its total spending for this cycle to $48 million. Soros donated $4 million directly to Democrat campaigns and committees without first funneling the money into his PAC.

The $52 million cash injection is over twice the amount that Soros donated in the 2016 presidential election cycle —  $22 million.

Ironically enough, Democrat candidates who have benefited from Soros’ generous candidates have lamented about the influence of money in politics. According to Joe Biden’s government reform plan, he vows to “reduce the corrupting influence of money in politics.” Biden’s website says, “We could improve our politics overnight if we flushed big money from the system and had public financing of our elections…. Democracy works best when a big bank account or a large donor list are not prerequisites for office.”

The Right has criticized Democrat hypocrisy regarded money in politics, while many Democrats still receive Soros money. “While Democrats across the country sanctimoniously rail against the influence of dark money in politics, their party’s largest donors are bankrolling a massive web of liberal organizations to get them elected,” a GOP operative said to the Washington Free Beacon early in July. “George Soros’s unprecedented spending further highlights just how dependent Democrats are on contributions from billionaires, despite their hypocritical rhetoric.”

Soros pitched in $500,000 to the Biden Victory Fund, which has already pulled in $83 million for this cycle.

In 2020, Soros is starting to become sneakier with his electoral spending Previously, he donated to groups directly under his name. Now, he is transferring tens of millions from the Fund for Policy Reform, a nonprofit with a budget of $750 within his vast Open Society Foundation network, into Democracy PAC. From there, the PAC donates it to other Democrat PACs and committees.

Soros views this election cycle as a crucial moment in American history. During a speech at the World Economic Forum earlier this year, the octogenarian billionaire declared that the “fate of the world” is at stake and called Trump a “con man” and “authoritarian” who is “willing to sacrifice the national interests for his personal interests.”

Soros is one of the most prolific globalist oligarchs in the world. His support comes in handy for the Left, which is constantly in need of funds to promote their identity politics causes and other projects such as radical gun control.

This will not be the last time we will hear about Soros.

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