Globalists Are Putting Out Weird ‘Extinction’ Propaganda As Society Declines Rapidly

The globalist social controllers are putting out weird “extinction” and Doomsday propaganda as the world suffers under their reign. As supply chain shortages, inflation and effective open borders hit the United States of America, the globalists want to focus on the highly-disputed concept of “climate change” as the real threat to humanity. It is unclear what, exactly, the globalists have planned for the Coronavirus-era “Great Reset” that is occurring now, but their media predictive-programming makes it clear that it’s not going to be good for humans. Observe the TIME magazine cover that warns people: “Last call.”

“Going extinct is a bad thing,” said Frankie the Dinosaur, a character voiced by comedic Hollywood actor Jack Black, in a new video from the United Nations in which the dinosaur warns humans about climate change while speaking at the UN.

“At least we had an asteroid. What’s your excuse? You’re headed for a climate disaster and yet every year governments spend hundreds of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies,” the dinosaur said, noting that he thinks money should be spent on poor people globally.

“Don’t choose extinction. Save your species before it’s too late. It’s time for you humans to stop making excuses and start making changes,” the dinosaur said to a standing ovation. Very weird stuff.

Actor Jack Black previously said on The Tonight Show that he sold his soul, and some people do not believe that he was joking.

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