Globalists Freak Out at President Donald Trump’s Suggestion to Pardon Whistleblower Edward Snowden

The globalist establishment is freaking out at the notion that President Donald Trump is warming to the idea of pardoning whistleblower Edward Snowden, who leaked documents exposing the NSA’s spying capabilities in 2013.

Two influential lawmakers – House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), and ranking member Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) – issued a joint statement opposing the measure. They claim, without providing evidence, that Snowden hurt the country by providing transparency for secretive government programs.

“It would be a serious mistake to pardon anyone who is charged under the Espionage Act, who admits to leaking sensitive information, and who has spent years since then as a guest of the Putin regime,” Smith and Thornberry said.

Smith and Thornberry claim that Snowden was responsible for “harmful leaks from the Department of Defense and elsewhere in the federal government,” and his pardon would “mock our national security workforce”

“Not only would it mean that Snowden cannot be held accountable for his crimes, but it would send a dangerous message to others who are contemplating espionage and the adversaries who would support them,” they stated.

Smith and Thornberry are demanding that Snowden face a trial for his whistleblowing, as they hope to make an example of him so others do not feel compelled to expose deep state corruption.

“Edward Snowden did enormous harm to our national security and he must stand trial for his actions,” they said.

In addition, former national security adviser and Obama-gate villain Susan Rice expressed her dismay in a tweet.

President Trump said that a Snowden pardon might be a works earlier this week, in a move that would shake the deep state to its very foundation.

“I’m not that aware of the Snowden situation. I’m going to start looking at it. There are many many people, it seems to be a split decision,” Trump said on Saturday at a news briefing in New Jersey.

“Many people think that he should be somehow treated differently and other people think he did very bad things,” the president continued.

“I’m going to take a look at that very strongly,” he added.

The illegal spying conspiracy against Trump, sometimes called Obama-gate, Russia-gate, or Spy-gate, has opened his eyes about the nature of the surveillance state. Before he was elected, Trump suggested that Snowden was a traitor to his country for leaking information exposing unconstitutional acts by the U.S. federal government.

As more time passes, it becomes clear that Snowden was justified in exposing the deep state. President Trump has an opportunity to strike a huge blow against the Washington D.C. swamp by issuing a pardon.

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