‘Good Day for You to Die:’ Man Arrested After Pulling Gun on Shopper Wearing MAGA Hat

A Tennessee man was arrested after allegedly pulling a .40 caliber pistol on two shoppers wearing MAGA hats in a Kentucky Sam’s Club.

“According to the alleged victim Terry Pierce, a man pulled a gun on him because he was wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat,” said a WBKO report. “The police report confirms that the suspect, identified as James Phillips, admitted to flipping off Pierce and Pierce’s wife because of their hats.”

Phillips is a accused by the victim of uttering a sinister phrase while holding the gun to the victim’s head.

“[Phillips] pulled a .40 caliber out and stuck it in my face, backed up and said, ‘It’s a good day for you to die,'” Pierce recalled.

Phillips then reportedly scurried off into the parking lot, followed by victim.

“I went out the front of the store to confront him again and that’s when I got him in his car. He couldn’t leave because his mother was still in the store. And we were having a verbal altercation outside,” Pierce reportedly said.

The crazed leftist tried to blame Pierce for assaulting him first, but that account was not supported by surveillance video from inside the store.

“In the report, police say Phillips had a Glock .40 caliber with a round chambered in his back pocket and two additional magazines in another pocket. Police say Phillips has a current concealed carry permit in Tennessee, where he is from,” the report said. “No one was injured, but police arrested Phillips for wanton endangerment first degree. Phillips is in the Warren County Regional Jail.”

Just another day for the violent left.

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