REDDIT: Left-Wing ‘BanOut 2018’ Operatives Take Their Activities Private

The Reddit administration is pressuring ‘The BanOut 2018’ Reddit page to cease their activities, as Reddit comes under public scrutiny for its role in banning conservative users and communities.

BanOut 2018 moderators agreed to shut down the movement after it gained popularity with members of a Resistance movement that included left-wingers pretending to be Trump supporters and intentionally posting hateful comments on Trump subreddits to get them banned. “The Great Awakening,” the platform’s #2 pro-Trump subreddit, was banned Tuesday night.

The moderators have merely shifted to “Private” mode, where they can talk about their activities outside of public scrutiny.

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However, the Reddit administration has not yet gone after The Donald subreddit, which would be the crown jewel of the censorship-happy trolls and their likely allies in the Reddit administration.

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